Fuhjyyu Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. is the pioneer in top quality aluminum electrolytic capacitors R&D and production.

Along with its thirty odd years of experience, high-end Japanese technologies, and advanced automation equipment and high-tech instruments, Fuhjyyu Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. is supplying various aluminum electrolytic capacitors of high quality, reliability, and long life span. The Fuhjyyu products are widely adopted in products of home appliances (AV devices, Television), power supplies, UPSs, inverters, main boards, monitors, communication devices, computers and its peripherals, and electronic ballast.

Fuhjyyu Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. strong R&D team aims at providing its customers with reliable technical resources in their product development and production process through never ending innovation, enhancements, and search for excellence.

Professional R&D team

With a total advancement towards high-efficiency and high-performance business indicators, BEC integrated its professional R&D team to provide well-recognized variety types of aluminum electrolytic capacitor: SMD, lead, snap-in, and screw terminal.

Precision testing and inspection

Fuhjyyu Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. monitors the four key steps: batch, periodic, research, and development with stringent trust test schedules and inspects products for high temperature loads, placement attributes, temperature attributes, moisture tests, and solder ability in each and every process to ensure product quality. Each production process is completed by most advanced automation equipments and inspected by LCR and X-ray precision instruments for the most strigent quality control.